We accept the following three payment methods:
Bitcoin; Payssion (global local payments); PayPal

Rocketr (Automated Delivery)
Using Bitcoin to pay through Rocketr. Rocketr will automatically send the CardID to your E-Mail. Usually about 30 minutes.

Payssion (Manual Delivery)
When you pay via Payssion, please fill in the correct E-mail. We will send the key to your email Manually within 12 hours after your payment is successful.

PayPal (Automated Delivery)
Payment via PayPal will automatic send keys to your email.

  • When the key is activated, the time begins to count.
  • When the key is activated, the time does not stop.
  • Once the key is sold, there is no refund.
Buy cheats becomes vip and you will be invited from email